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Firespiral size 5 wrap - teaching print

Fee: £ 13.00 for 14 days

Condition: A - As new
Brand: firespiral
Code: MYCO0069

We originally created “The Librarian” design specifically for educators to use whilst teaching people how to wrap. When you learn to wrap it is helpful to visualise the cloth as having 3 distinct sections- top, middle and bottom. These can be referred to as ‘rails’. The top and bottom rail also have a hem running along them which is the outer edge of the cloth.

The Librarian design is split into 3 sections , so that you can easily identify the part of the cloth that you are working with. It also has two distinct ‘faces’ to the cloth, so that you can check which is the outer side of your wrap, make sure you haven’t twisted it etc. Finally, the two hems look different to each other, so that you don’t get them confused.

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